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Why Math Mentor?

Welcome to Here, instead of Math tutors we serve as mentors to the students who can advise, guide and provide feedback to the students.
Serving Rockford, Winnebago, Belvidere, Poplar Grove, Cherry Valley, Byron, Harvard, Loves Park, Machesney Park, Roscoe, Rockton, South Beloit, Beloit, Rochelle, Freeport and others.
Who we are
About us

We are Math mentors mainly for High School students and a few Middle School students

Some of the jobs of mentors at  are the following:

How we can help you
to achieve success in Math...

If you are having a hard time understanding math or do not like math or have no clue as to what’s going on in your math class or you want to push yourself to the next level then you are in the right place. Here, we teach math from the ground up with a holistic approach. We follow the below steps with each and every student to ensure success.

Teacher experience/Teaching method

Paul teaches mostly high school students and a few Middle School students
One to one online math learning
Various means of support to ensure high probability of success
Highly-trained teacher
Regular weekly classes by the same teacher
Help to be a smart learner
Twelve years’ experience of mentoring High School and Middle School students in Math
Personalized curriculum tailored to individual needs
Provides career advice

Evaluation of current Math skills

If you would like to join our Math mentorship program please schedule a free half an hour evaluation. The evaluation session enables us to judge the level, strengths, and weaknesses and identify problems of prospective students. The pace and the content of the program will be customized according to the level determined by the evaluation session.

Rates and Payment

Our one-hour Math lesson costs $40. Weekly payments are accepted, and students will not be charged for missed lessons as long as we are notified 48 hours before the scheduled lesson.  Payment must be done before a lesson.

Fall Courses

Starting from 21st August the following Math courses consists of a one-hour live one-to-one online lesson.

Course #1


Course #2

Algebra 1

Course #3

Algebra 2

Summer Math Program...

Starting from the second week of June till the first week of August there will be foundation lessons offered on Pre-Algebra, Algebra1 and Algebra 2.  These eight week lessons will be of high value for those students who want to build their foundation ahead of fall or those students who would like to be placed in advanced curriculum during the fall courses. Seats are limited during summer Math sessions.


Paul was my Math mentor for two years. One of the best things that happened is that thanks to him I developed a passion for Math. He has an excellent ability to make a difficult Math concept very easy to understand with his teaching methodology. He was also an expert in identifying my weaknesses. He pays special attention to these areas to lift the standard to a higher level. I became confident in handling complex problems in these areas too. He guided me through my SAT preparation and I scored top 99 percentile in Math due to Paul's teaching and my practice based on his guidance. He also introduced me to the Majors that are related to Math e.g. Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Economics, Mathematical Finance, Engineering, Data Science, and Statistics. After my thorough research and based on my interest, I went for Actuarial Science as my Major. He will be your 'peace of mind' in regard to Math.
Liam S.
Paul is a fantastic Math mentor. He is exceptionally methodical, knowledgeable, patient, honest, caring, and dependable. He helped me easily grasp the Math concepts he taught. My Math skill improved a lot within two months of his Math mentoring. I was with Paul for approximately one year. During this time, he taught me Algebra and PreCalculus. His approach to mentoring was to make sure my foundation is solid on which he helped me progressively to build medium to harder concepts and applications. He gave me a lot of practice work which was truly challenging. I could do quite a few of those problems while he would show me the concepts and then the solutions to those I could not handle. His solutions are not only short but elegant. In the end, I was acing my classes in quizzes and exams. He encouraged me to take the AMC exam as he felt I could take on that challenge. I scored ninety percentile and was just short of getting qualified. Paul's math mentoring has helped me with my career and has enabled me to choose Computer Science as my major. I wholeheartedly recommend Paul if you need a Math mentor.
Sandra B.
I was never good at Math and just scraping by was a challenge to me. At this stage, Paul became my Math mentor. Through his evaluation session, he judged my skills, standards, and my weaknesses. He concentrated intensely on the Math foundation with excellent explanations of various concepts and lots of relevant examples. Slowly but surely I started getting confident in Math. He made me practice a variety of problems. Occasionally, he would arrange for tutorial group sessions where he would help a few of us with specific questions related to a hard topic to ensure that we were not left behind. These sessions were of great benefit to catch up. Though I did not pursue a STEM career I made serious improvements in Math. Paul is a great asset for the students who are looking for help in the subject of Math.
Mary G.

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